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Poets Cove Resort and Spa
BC's Pender Island Paradise

"If I ever get married again, it'll be a wedding just like this one," my girlfriend sighs. "A secluded gulf island, a romantic chapel in the woods, and a posh resort for the honeymoon. What a dream. All I need is a man!"

Although the purpose of our gal getaway to BC's Pender Island is clearly for revival, with wistful whimsy, the three of us survey the pre-wedding scene from an adjacent roadside.

An archway trellis, cloaked with scented lilies, frames the country church where guests patiently wait. Shafts of sunlight filter through shrouding evergreens and ricochet off pitched steeples. The air is clean and fresh, and other than the chirping of a few birds, there's a magical hush to the moment.

Just down the hill, at the seaside hamlet of Poets Cove Resort and Spa, the blushing bride departs for this event that will change her life. The plans have been easy. The arrangements have been taken care of. And the setting would make any lady in waiting a happy camper.

The forty million dollar property terraces the hillside of Bedwell Harbour and fits into the curvaceous bay like a glove. Fifteen cottages, nine villas, and a lodge hosting twenty two guest rooms integrate into the landscape and overlook a full service marina and glorious sunsets.

Our cottage is more like a luxurious home, and during our stay, we wallow in its marble baths, dream kitchen and bay-viewing hot tub. The nautical theme personifies to a tee, and the Craftsman décor extends beyond to the lodge, where the Aurora Restaurant and Syrens Lounge tempt us with gastronomical delights. The lower level Seaglass Ballroom can be severed into three for more intimate occasions. As well as accommodating business groups and conferences, we discover that the red carpet treatment has been rolled out for this pretty bride to be.

The essence from fresh-cut bouquets wafts over formally draped tables, and a wall of window boasts the harbour view. The fireplace is lit. Harp strings wait to be plucked. And soon after the wedded couple returns, toasts will be made for a lifetime of bonded bliss.

Over the next two days, between girl gabs and late night chats, we paddle around the heated pool, breathe in the steam cave's heady eucalyptus, and get spoiled at the Susurrus Spa.

"This mask is made up of mineral-rich herbs extracted from seaweed," my aesthetician, Marie Kjorlien, informs, "and is blended with a little whipping cream and honey." Although the concoction sounds good enough to consume, it serves more purpose when applied to my tired and deprived pores. After being exfoliated from head to toe and slathered with the glorious green goop, I pretty much feel like the Goddess of Earth (although probably look more like the Jolly Green Giant). And while listening to the background lilt of piano, I drift into off to La La Land.

While I'm somewhere between the present day and Nirvana, the room to my left is ready to serve up some double decadence. A cracking fire, trickling waterfall and delicious treatments will soon be enjoyed side by side by the recently wedded couple.

"It just doesn't get much better than this," my romanticizing friend dreamily reflects as we saunter away. "And when I eventually find the Mr. Right of my dreams, I'll be coming back here to plan my wedding in the woods."

Jane and Brent Cassie are a travel writer/photographer team. Follow their other adventures on their website - www.janecassie.com.


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