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Choosing a Wedding Theme
By Jen Carter

Want to plan a theme wedding? Not sure where to begin? If your planning your own wedding theme without the assistance of a coordinator, the following hints are meant to be helpful. Hopefully they will lead you to selecting a memorable wedding that will keep your family members and friends laughing and smiling for years to come.

How Do I Select a Wedding Theme?

  • Choose something that you and your partner thing is going to go over well with your guests. The idea should capture fun and romance.

  • Make sure that the theme is something that enraptures both of your personalities.

  • Make sure that your wedding theme idea can coincide with decorations.

  • Make sure that your theme is not in poor taste. You most definitely do not want to insult or disgust your guests
  • Select Invitations for Your Themed Wedding:

  • Your wedding invitation should explain your wedding theme to your guests

  • Explain why you chose the theme to your guests

  • If you wish for guests to come arrive in ‘theme’ attire, this is the time to inform them

  • If you will be serving ‘theme foods’ inform guests in the invitation

  • Your wedding invitations should fit your wedding theme so there’s not any confusion

  • Provide contact information so you can clarify things if your guests are confused

  • Provide a map and written directions to the reception area so that your guests can find the location with ease.
  • Some Things to Consider About a Themed Wedding:

  • Etiquette shouldn’t be stressed, as a themed wedding is supposed to be relaxing and fun.

  • Many traditional rules (etiquette) that apply to traditional weddings should be disregarded as many modern themed weddings are non-traditional wedding, except in the case of the formal themed wedding.

  • Take the season and weather into consideration when planning your theme. It would be ridiculous to invite guests to a Beach Wedding party in January and request for them to wear bathing suit attire

  • Inform your vendors of your theme and any attire you may be asking guests to wear.

  • If you have a specific theme in mind, but you don’t know how to pull it off, hire a coordinator to handle it for you. As professionals, they know exactly how to make your themed wedding a success.

  • If your wedding theme is a specific ear, and you’re not sure how to decorate or dress, do some research. The internet and the public library are excellent research tools to help make your dream wedding theme become a wedding theme reality.
  • Jen Carter is owner of My Wedding Blog, a free guide to weddings. This article may be found in our wedding theme section. You may publish our articles on your website only if you do not edit the article in any way, and include all html as direct links to our site.

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